Restaurant Pasternak, Berlin


PASTERNAK Restaurant presents a selection from the menu highlighting traditional Russian and Jewish cuisine specialties.

Note: Errors and omissions excepted.


Proletariat 9,00

Chickenpatty  "á la Russ", "Olivier" russian potatoe salad,
salted cucumber, onion rings, brown bread

Proletariat 13,00

Typical Russian – with 4 cl vodka

Bauer 9,00

Eggplant spread, baked feta cheese, beetroot-carpaccio, brown bread

Bauer 13,00

Typical Russian – with 4 cl vodka.


cooked organic egg with salmon caviar, minced herring,
avocado, pickled salmon, brown bread

Intelligence 15,00

Typical Russian – with 4 cl vodka

Cold cuts "Doctor Sziwago" (for 2 persons)



"Doctor Sziwago" (for 2 person)29,00

Typical Russian – with 100 gram vodka

"Happy Zar" – caviar from sturgeon 50g 79,00

Served with Blini and sour cream

Russian pancakes

Blini Russia11,00

with home marinated salmon and horseradish

Blini Ukraine11,00

with salmon caviar

Draniki   13,00

Handmade fresh potatoe-pancakes with marinated salmon and horseradish


Borshtsh – vegetarian, small portion 5,00

beetroot soup with white beans and sour cream

Borshtsh – vegetarian, large portion 6,00

beetroot soup with white beans and sour cream

Soljanka – small portion 6,00

with dried smoked meat, sausages, olives and sour cream

Soljanka – large portion 7,00

with dried smoked meat, sausages, olives and sour cream

Bouillon with pelmeni "Ural" 7,00

homemade dumplings with beef stuffing, served in a pot


Mixed salad of the season – small portion5,00

Georgia 13,00

Baked goat cheeseroll with berry crust and large mixed salad

Kaukas 13,00

Large mixed salad with mushrooms, dried tomatoes, marinated artichokes,
avocado, parmesan

Riga 12,00

Babyspinach and radicchio with sheep cheese, pine nuts, orange filets

Odessa 15,00

Large mixed salad with grilled shrimps, salmon and avocado

House salad 13,00

with chicken filet, parmesan, croutons, pine cores,
served with scrambled egg and piquant dressing

(Russian pancakes)

Blini Taiga11,00

with sauerkraut, bacon, cranberries and sour cream

Blini Newa12,00

with fresh babyspinach, eggplantragout, feta cheese with sour cream

Blini Wolga12,00

with beef and sour cream

Blini variation (for 2 persons) 24,00

With spinach-cheese, salmon, beef, sauerkraut


Wareniki Marburg (vegan)13,00

homemade dumplings with potato-quinoa stuffing on mint, herb, mushrooms and qartichokes

Wareniki Leningrad (vegetarian)12,00

homemade dumplings with potato stuffing

Wareniki Latvia (vegetarian)12,00

homemade dumplings with spinach-cheese stuffing

Wareniki Tiflis (vegetarian)12,00

homemade dumplings with sheep cheese stuffing

Wareniki "Sochi" (vegetarian)13,00

Fried dumplings with sweetpotato-cheese stuffing on green vegetables    


handmade dumplings with lamb stuffing

Pelmeni Siberia14,00

homemade dumplings with beef stuffing

Assorti Pasternak (vegetarian)14,00

homemade dumplings with three different fillings (spinach, potato and sheep cheese)

Assorti "Pasternak" Extra15,00

homemade dumplings with different fillings (spinach, potato, and beef)

All dumplings are hand made and served with melted butter and sour cream.

Main courses

"Swinina" from pork neck16,00

Pork neck, grilled with vegetables served with plum sauce

"Teljatina" 18,00

veal skewer grilled with vegetables served with homemade cranberrysauce

"Baranina" Rack of lamb

Rack of lamb, grilled with vegetables served with pomegranate sauce

"Russian Standard" (for 2 persons) 42,00

pork neck, lamb chops and veal meat, grilled with vegetables

Scharkoje 18,00

lamb with onion, green beans, aubergines and potatoes, served in a pot with cap from leavened drought, baked in the oven

Beef Stroganoff 23,00

beef strips in porcini cream sauce served with Draniki
(homemade hashbrowns)

Entrecôte 21,00

Entrecôte from grill with grilled vegetables, salad and herb butter

Veal Rolls 18,00

Stuffed with apricot baby spinach, roasted asmonds with carrot-potato cake and red wine sauce

Tabaká 18,00

Guinea fowl leg on sheep cheese paprika, vegetables
garlic herb sauce

Salmon fillet 20,00

filled with trout caviar, served on baby spinach and sellery
with white wine cream sauce

Pike-perch filet 20,00

fried pike-perch fillet on ceps, shallot and potato-triplet in parmesan-thyme sauce

Otbiwnaja" 19,00

Grilled suckling pig with freshly grated horseradish, sauerkraut and potato puree

Jewish specialities


Gefillte Fisch 9,00

Minced carp fillet, beetroot-carpaccio, horseradish sauce

Kreplach 14,00

Handmade dumplings with lamb stuffing

Pulka 17,00

Filled chicken thighs, potato puree, porcini sauce




baked appleslices with cranberries, walnuts, rum and vanillasauce
served in a glass

"Plombir" 6,00

Russian ice cream with Siberian orange berry sauce

Blini "Pasternak"7,00

pancakes with almond-curd and hot cherries

Moscow pancakes 7,00

pancakes fried with blueberry in a hot fruit sauce


Strudel filled with apricots, raisins and walnuts with vanilla icecream



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