Restaurant Pasternak, Berlin


At PASTERNAK Restaurant, breakfast is served virtually all day. We take pride in making our own house marmalade and using only free-range eggs.

(Monday-Saturday 9.00 till 3.00 PM)

"Wasserturm" 5,00

Croissant, fruits, almond curd, jam, butter

"Kasha" Vegan6,00

Porridge with bananachips and blueberries


Russian curd pancakes with jam, fruit and sourcream


Russian pancakes with homemade jam, fruit, sour cream

"Kolchos" (peasants breakfast) 8,00

organic scrambled eggs with Russian sausage, fried potatoes,
salted cucumbers, butter and bread

"Sdorovje" Vegetarian11,00

blini rolls with spinach and creamcheese, organic scrambled eggs with herbs,
beluga lentils avocado, hashbrowns with vegetable spread, fruits, curd pancakes,
jam, butter, bread

Friendship (Drushba) 11,00

Chicken fillet baked with tomato and cheese, organic scrambled eggs with herbs,
homemade poultry, Serrano ham with honeydew melon,
hashbrowns with Bacon, pickled gherkin, fruit, butter, jam, bread

"Black sea" 13,00

Marinated salmon, fresh potato pancakes, tunabaguette gratinated
with tomato and cheese organic scrambled eggs with fresh herbs,
blini rolls with salmon caviar, bread, butter

Moscow-London 10,00

Fried eggs "sunny side up" with fried onions on homemade bread roll,
homemade lambsausages, Bacon, red bean puree, berry-mustard

Breakfast Nr. 221,00

( for 2 persons )

Fresh potato pancakes with marinated salmon, eggplant spread,
organic scrambled eggs with fresh herbs, avocado with goat cream cheese,
blini rolls with spinach and curd, homemade poultry sausage, Bacon, cheese selection, Serrano ham with honeydew melon, curd pancakes, jam, fruits, butter, bread

Organic egg courses

consist of 2 eggs, bread and butter

Fried eggs / scrambled eggs pure                     4,00

bacon                            6,00

tomatoes and cheese                        6,00

spinach, onion and parmesan                    6,00

tomatoes, paprika, sheep cheese                     6,00


Pochierte Bio-Eier im Glas                                   4,00

two poached organic eggs, chives, bread and butter, served in glas


Rührei mit Avocado                                              9,00

roasted homemade bread roll with spicy dressing, cherry tomatoes, avocado, organic scrambled eggs, pine nuts, herbs


Pochierte Eier auf Kartoffelrösti                          9,00

two poached eggs, potato rosti, spinach-gouda mousse, piquant buttersauce


Pochierte Eier mit Lachs und Avocado               11,00

two poached eggs on mini spinach, homemade salmon, diced avocado, crêpe, piquant buttersauce


Rührei à la Russisch                                             14,00

organic scrambled eggs, big shrimps, red caviar on roasted homemade bread rolls with piquant dressing, cherry tomatoes, diced avocado, pine nuts, herbs


Croissant                            1,00

Organic boiled egg                        1,50

Organic Muesli/ Organic corn flakes with Organic yoghurt            4,00

Organic Muesli/ Organic cornflakes5,00

with Organic yoghurt and fresh fruit       

Almond-curd with fresh fruit                    5,00

Fresh fruit salad with/ without whipped cream                6,00

Fresh squeezed juice till 3 pm


0,2 l      0,3 l

orange                    3,50        5,00

apple                    3,50        5,00

carrot                    3,50        5,00


juice mixture                    4,00        6,00



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